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"Our business is picking up.. Making your junk collectable!"

Email us at info@junkyarddawgs.ca

Please provide enough information to help us to book an appropriate time slot based on the estimated size of your load. We do not come out for estimates. Once on site, we can give a better idea of the price if the items are not too scattered and plentiful.

Our pricing is based on a full or partial load.

The minimum charge is $100.00.

¼ load is $170.00.

½ load is $340.00

¾ load is $450.00.

The full load (15 cubic yards) is only $600.00 and we load it!

Information needed:

Your name


Phone number

Best time to call

Brief description of the junk (mattresses,drywall etc.)

Junk outside or inside

Service Areas:


North Vancouver

North Surrey



North Richmond

Our Business Partners:

Good Riddance provides solutions based organizing and consulting services. We can help you to save time, money and become more effective and organized.

Helen Grant is a true professional with Re/Max Masters Realty. Buying a Vancouver home can be stressful and confusing but with her guidance and advice you will get your dream home and enjoy the process. PLUS, she knows how to make your home stand out Above the Crowd® and how to put together a proven Homeowner's Marketing Plan that gets fast results!

778 - 389JUNK


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